WoodWick Tropical Sunrise Trilogy Large Candle

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About This Fragrance:

Fragrance layers
1 Blue Java Banana: A tropical treat of exotic blue java banana, pineapple, sweet mango, and creamy coconut milk.
2 Seaside Mimosa: A blend of juicy citrus and sparkling champagne grapes make this scent as refreshing as a cold drink on a summer shore.
3 Tamarind & Stonefruit: Tart tamarind and plum combine with crisp green leaves, fresh woods, and relaxing bourbon and vetiver.

About WoodWick Large Candles with Heartwick°

The Large Candle, recreate the warming comfort of a glowing fireplace, with the special HeartWick° Flame. This candles bring a special décor to your house, having rich fragrances & soft crackle in a teardrop shape.


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