Maison Berger White Jungle Lampe Berger

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The White Jungle Lampe Berger is made of porcelain, a material that was historically used to design these iconic decorative objects, which have now been modernised. Chromatic black and silver decorations appear on its white shiny enamel body. The details included are rich: luxurious tropical plants, Tahiti flowers and exotic animals form a beautiful lively fresco. The latter is highlighted by the silver shine of the mount, which includes some of the ornaments present on the body of the catalytic lamp. This type of print, which is usually found on wallpapers, now adorns this White Jungle Lampe Berger. A jungle atmosphere that opens a window onto nature for you and offers you all its most calming aspects. Its wild and exotic beauty has wonderful sensations of escape in store for you. Pair it with any fragrance you like to continue this journey, and thus enjoy an elegantly purified and scented home.


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