Maison Berger Black Jungle Lampe Berger

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The exotic and refined Black Jungle Lampe Berger is all about its bold design! Made of porcelain coated in black decorated enamel, the catalytic lamp is now modernised. The profuse and precise white and gold motifs highlight a clever play on proportions. Peacock feathers and savanna animals lay side by side with splendour, thus giving you a true sense of escape in the heart of a lush setting. The black satin mount perfects the object with its subtle and elegant shine. This Black Jungle Lampe Berger immediately gives style to your room due to its striking realism. Combine it with a few touches of vegetation and natural objects, to obtain the perfect decorative combo. To spice up the adventure, simply select the fragrance which will provide even more character to your interior, while effectively purifying and scenting your home.

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