Maison Berger Paris Aroma Energy Mist Diffuser

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About the Fragrance: Citrus notes, with a veil of musk. Contains essential oil of grapefruit, to enhance the positivity, stimulating and refreshing effect, to improve concentration and criativity. Give you a boost, reduce anguish and anxiety.

Head notes: Grapefruit, Orange
Heart notes: Grapefruit, Pinneaple
Base notes:  Musk, Peach

This ready to use fragrance is enriched with essential oils of patchouli, lignum vitae and geranium.
These oils are recognised for their aromachological virtues and will help you find a balanced mood while facilitating calm. There is no need to dilute or mix this olfactory composition with other substances (water, perfume or essential oils). Unwind with the Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser! Entirely programmable and intuitive, you choose the perfume diffusion mode, the duration of the perfume diffusion and even the lighting mood. A ritual you will quickly adopt.

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