Maison Berger Paris Holly Nude Lamp


The Holly Nude Lampe Berger Gift Pack invites you to create a cocoon of gentleness and warmth in your interior. The talented designer Sylvie de France chose to highlight consistent values in terms of perfume, shapes and colours. The body of the catalytic lamp, as well as the curved mount, allow you to find poetry and comfort when in contact with it. The glass is dressed in a nude colour, simultaneously light, feminine and minimalist, while the slightly flashy side is offered by the golden touch, for a lovely effect. The intense warmth of the Amber Powder perfume will envelop you with its notes of cinnamon, amber and balm. A refined decorative object, this Holly Nude Lampe Berger Gift Pack can also efficiently purify all the rooms in your house and perfumes it, at any time of the day!

This Gift Set includes 250ml Amber Powder perfume

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