Maison Berger Paris Night & Day Aroma Dream Diffuser

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Would you like to fall asleep better and faster? Then the Maison Berger Night & Day diffuser is the answer.

Helps you fall asleep
Shows the time and guides you to wake up
Specially developed perfume capsules with essential oils
100% Silent Radiation Free Programmable Perfume Alarm Clock

About the Fragrance: The Delicate Amber is a slightly velvety fragrance, fresh and aromatic at the beginning. Its delicately musky floral heart lies on a cozy bed of patchouli and vanilla amber Perfume guaranteed without dyes, developed in France by master perfumers.

Top notes: Lavender, Bergamot
Mid notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley, White Musk
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli

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