Maison Berger Paris Savory Tangerine Car Diffuser

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The Revelry Savory Tangerine car diffuser is elegant and unique, providing a modern aesthetic with its irregular geometric patterns and gorgeous matte nickel finish. This diffuser is more than just a decorative object it also fills your car with a delightful aroma. Green and sparkling, the composition opens on energetic notes of tangerine and orange, followed by fresh accents of basil and green mint, and the woody warmth of patchouli. Feel like you are on a summer jaunt at any time with a fragrance that harnesses the joy of sunny citrus orchards, warm breezes, and cloudless skies.

About the Fragrance:
Effervescent, pulpy tangerine entwines with aromatic basil, giving this fragrance luminous, radiant accents. This burst of freshness, combined with head notes of orange and lime, blends with bracing green mint in the heart before it is subsumed by elegant oakmoss and patchouli.

Top note: Orange, Tangerine, Lime
Mid note: 
Green Mint, Basil, Water Flowers
Base note:
Oakmoss, Patchouli

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