Maison Berger Paris Senso Bouquet Diffuser

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The Senso stick fragrance diffuser, designed by Rozenn Mainguené, shrouds your interior with the tender and powerful Musk Flowers fragrance. Prestigious ingredients like floral tuberose or powdery iris are enhanced by the sensuality of white musk. This olfactory composition goes perfectly with this rounded, scented bouquet. The pale and natural shades are enhanced by its elaborate gilded mount, forming a graceful whole.

This product contains 180ml perfume that lasts up to 8 weeks.

About the perfume: Musk Flowers - Femininity translated to perfume ! Aflowery and fleshly essence as sweet as it is joyful having a strong dose of mystery. This exclusive fragrance exudes the protective and diffused heat of the tuberose to better sublimate the house. Its imperial iris seems to illuminate your  interior with a radiant light. The exceptional patchouli and the jasmine bus are worked in a tender way. White musk blends perfectly with the rest of the composition to give it even more elegance.

Top note: Yalang, Tuberose, Tangerine
Mid note: Tuberose, Iris
Base note: Jasmin, White Musk

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