Maison Berger Paris Senso Car Diffuser

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About the Fragrance:Musk Flowers -Femininity translated to perfume ! Aflowery and fleshly essence as sweet as it is joyful having a strong dose of mystery. This exclusive fragrance exudes the protective and diffused heat of the tuberose to better sublimate the house. Its imperial iris seems to illuminate your  interior with a radiant light. The exceptional patchouli and the jasmine bus are worked in a tender way. White musk blends perfectly with the rest of the composition to give it even more elegance.

Top note: Yalang, Tuberose, Tangerine
Mid note: Tuberose, Iris
Base note: Jasmin, White Musk

Use your car diffuser at once. A simple and fun ritual to make travelling a pleasure.

The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent.
For a more intense fragrance: put your conditioning on!

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