Maison Berger Paris Wilderness Prism Car Diffuser

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The round design of this Wilderness Prism Car Diffuser is a great contemporary classic at Maison Berger Paris. Conceptualised around geometry, this stylish object includes many concentric metallic rays that fan out as so many facets. Its glossy black finish perfects the object while elegantly embellishing your car. The ultimate little touch of luxury: the magnetic opening system enables you to easily insert the Wilderness fragrance refill included in the pack. Perfume your car with style, with the Wilderness Prism Car Diffuser, for unique olfactory sensations. Discover its zesty lemon notes enhanced by the green freshness of tomato leaves, and sublimed by the leathery scent of white birch, on woody bottom notes. A strong and surprising fragrance that reveals all its complexity even at a low intensity. This useful and practical car diffuser will also be greatly appreciated by your loved ones when offered as a gift!

  • The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks    


Green Lemon, Grapefruit, Apple


Lotus Flower, Lemon Tree Leaves


Patchouli, Coconut



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