Yankee Candle Bright Lights Advent Calendar Book

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The newest Yankee Candle® festive gifting collection is designed to let you experience the enchantment of a dazzling winter night. The Bright Lights Gift Sets will invite you to bring magical holiday moments to life with designs featuring shimmering constellations, mystical winter-scapes, and delightful jewel tones. Let a kaleidoscope of sparkling Christmas lights inspire holiday cheer with perfectly curated sets of festive fragrances that your friends and family will love.

Includes 1 Tea Light Candle of each fragrance below: Letters To Santa, Silver Sage & Pine, Twinkling Lights, Soft Wool & Amber, Pink Cherry Vanilla, Black Cherry, Clean Cotton, Christmas Eve®, Christmas Cookie, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar, Wild Orchid Filled Votive Candles scented in each fragrance below: Letters To Santa, White Spruce & Grapefruit, Silver Sage & Pine, Warm Cashmere, Pink Cherry Vanilla, Red Raspberry, Clean Cotton, Black Tea & Lemon, Soft Blanket, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar, Wild Orchid Accessory: 1 x Constellation sliver plated glass Tea Light Holder

Anticipation builds as you count down to the moment the sky brightens with a kaleidoscope of holiday lights. Before you know it, a Christmas tree begins to sparkle — then another, and another… With a mug of mulled wine warming your hands, the scents of festive treats wafting through the air, and gorgeous light displays illuminating the frozen flora all around, you and your loved ones can feel the magic of the season come alive. Countdown to Christmas with this special Yankee Candle® Advent Book. Light a new candle each day and celebrate the Festive Season. Every day reveals a Filled Votive or Scented Tea Light Candle in a festive fragrance, including Wild Orchid, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar, Pink Cherry Vanilla, Soft Wool & Amber, Silver Sage & Pine, Letter to Santa, Christmas Cookie, Twinkling Lights, Black Cherry, Clean Cotton®, White Spruce & Grapefruit, Warm Cashmere, Red Raspberry, Black Tea & Lemon, Soft Blanket and Christmas Eve®. Also included in the set is a glass Tea Light Holder.

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