Yankee Candle Candied Cranberry Medium Vessel

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About this Fragrance

This is a Fruity fragrance.

A holiday berry treat of tart cranberry scents, sweetened by notes of spun sugar; all topped with a sprinkling of vanilla and malt aromas.

Soft corners and a contemporary silhouette—perfect for showcasing your style in any room. Quality, thick-cut glass adds impressive dimension and also make these candles so very gift worthy. The fragrance inside is just as special—complex, nuanced and infused with pure, natural extracts. And we designed the metal lid to fit nicely under the candle to create a platform to bring your décor options to a whole new level. Enjoy the beautiful label or peel it off for decorating versatility. Provides up to 38 hours of beautiful fragrance and 3 wicks to increase the fragrance experience and the ambiance.

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