Yankee Candle Garden Hideaway Tea Light Delight Gift Set

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The set is packaged in a blush pink, round gift box with a push on lid that features a beautiful floral arrangement. Inside the box is a sleek white tealight holder along with eighteen tealights that are fragranced with a range of springtime staple scents that have a burn time of 4-6 hours per tealight! These include:

3x Afternoon Escape – The woody scents of a tranquil garden with undertones of geranium, jasmine and lily.

3x Sunny Daydream – A floral fragrance to transport your mind to flower filled meadows and laughing with your loved ones beneath the summer sun.

3x Homemade Herb Lemonade – An invigorating scent that is a stunning fusion of lemonade with a hint of ginger and garnished with herbs!

3x Camelia Blossom – The energizing scent of the luscious camellia flower will transport you to your favourite part of the garden on a sunny summer’s day.

3x Water Garden – A refreshing scent that will leave you reminiscent of flowing oases surrounded by an abundance of wild flowers

3x Garden Picnic – A fruity and woody scent will make you want to grab your picnic basket for a feast of indulgently sweet summer fruits.

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